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Let the cabinet be selected from amongst the cream of the nation’s talent and let our MPs / MLAs concentrate on Legislative issues and work for their constituencies.

The Forum For Presidential Democracy is a political party devoted to the cause of spreading the concept of a truly democratic presidential system for the country with checks and balances. The Forum is the only registered political party committed and dedicated to the sole objective to bring about this change.

It is said that Democracy is of the “people”, for the “people” and by the “people”, but in our present set up the word “people” seems to have been replaced by the word “politicians”. It is felt truly democratic presidential system with certain modifications for our requirement would be lot more suitable for better governance of the country.

An overwhelming majority of the people in our country are increasingly frustrated and disillusioned on account of the prevailing unsatisfactory state of affairs resulting from the current unstable & corrupt political set-up and misgovernance.  However, for most of the people, there appears to be no satisfactory way out of the present grim predicament.

Based on study and analysis of mature and liberal democracies of several countries including the USA, Germany, Britain, France, Australia, etc. it is felt that Presidential System of Democracy with certain modifications would be lot more suitable for better governance of the country minimizing also the scope for corruption.

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