The Forum For Presidential Democracy is a political party, registered under section 29 A of the Representative of the Peoples Act, 1951 committed to the cause of national awakening aimed at establishing Presidential Democracy in India, it being a better democratic and stable alternative system than the current ineffective, corrupt and highly unstable system.

Towards this end, the Forum aims at organizing a mass awareness campaign for spreading the concept of a truly democratic Presidential system of Government with the necessary checks and balances, suitable to the conditions prevailing in India. An overwhelming majority of the people in our country is increasingly frustrated and disillusioned because of the prevailing unsatisfactory state of affairs resulting from the current political set-up.  However, for most of the people, there appears to be no satisfactory way out of the present grim predicament.

The need for change in the favour of truly democratic presidential system  with required checks and balances in place of our present Westminster model of parliamentary system, has been endorsed by numerable luminaries from all walks of life which include doyen of Indian Industrialists J.R.D. Tata, Eminent Jurist Nani Palkhiwala, Well-known Journalist and former Union Cabinet Minister Arun Shourie, Former Union Cabinet Minister& Member of Constituent Assembly K. M. Munshi, Ex Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Shanta Kumar, Leader of India’s Freedom movement Tej Bahadur Sapru, Eminent Civil Servant and  Former Ambassador to the U.S.A. & High Commissioner to U.K. B. K. Nehru, Leading Columnist & EX MP Kuldeep Nayar, Ex Chief Minister of Karnataka Ramkrishna Hegde, Ex President of India R. Venkat Raman, Eminent Author & MP Shashi Tharoor, BJP’s General Secretary & Union Cabinet Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Former Union Cabinet Minister Chimanbhai Mehta and Ex Chief Minister of Gujarat Babubhai Patel among many others. Unfortunately, inspite of endorsement from so many personalities, there has been status quo and there is no movement to bring about the change.

Unlike other political parties the Forum has no vested interests except to bring about the change at the National level in the present system.


Till now the forum has been able to sustain its activities on a limited scale with the support from some core group members and well wishers. However for a sustained campaign to reach all levels of society, adequate funding and raising of resources is a prime necessity. Some of the areas of expenditure would be:

  1. Printing and distributions of literature/books & periodicals, posters, banners.
  2. Publicity/advertising and media management including social media across the country.
  3. Organizing meetings and campaigns to create awareness among the young generation on all India bases.
  4. Administrative Expenses.

Forum being a registered Political Party registered u/s. 29 A of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1951, Individual / Company donations are fully exempted u/s. 80 GGC of I.T. Act and u/s. 80 GGB of I.T. Act respectively.

At an appropriate time Forum aims to contest elections by fielding committed deserving candidates.

The Forum earnestly appeals to one and all wholeheartedly to contribute generously and become a part of change in the best of national interests.