Eminent People from various walks of life have endorsed Presidential Democracy

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Presidential Democracy will make the country free from the grip of the professional politicians and will enable the induction of talented people in the Cabinet.”

Shri J. R. D. Tata

Eminent Industrialist

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“I am convinced that the democratic presidential system – as it prevails in the United States of America and in France – would be better suited to India than the Westminster Model which prevails today.”

Shri Nani Palkhivala

Eminent Jurist

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“My proposal is President (as Chief Executive) of the country being elected directly and will hold office for fixed term of years and induct ministers from outside the legislature.”

Shri B. K. Nehru

Former Ambassador to the U.S.A. & High Commissioner to U.K.

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“Under our Parliamentary system governments survive on the mercy of caste and group based bosses. A President under Presidential System depends upon the entire national electorate. Therefore, no unprincipled compromises occur”

Shri Chimnabhai Mehta

Former Union Cabinet Minister

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“The two basic elements we need.  

The head of the Executive, the President, is directly elected.

 He is free to select ministers from within or outside the legislature.”

Shri Arun Shourie

Eminent Journalist and former Union Cabinet Minister

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“I really enjoyed the discussion we had on your views and analysis of the Presidential System. Frankly after listening to your meticulous analysis of the comparative merits, I must say I am veering around to your view.

Shri M. N. Venkatachaliah

Former Chief Justice of India & Chairman, Constitutional Reforms Committee, Govt. of India – 2002

A large majority of politicians have vested interest.
To bring about the required change, would require initiative & commitment with active participation from all stratas of society in the best of national interests.

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“We must consider how far we are right in copying the British party system in all its details.”

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Former President of India

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“I am convinced that Presidential Democracy will certainly be a better option with much lesser scope for defection and corruption.”

Shri Babubhai Patel

Ex Chief Minister of Gujarat

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मैं भी राष्ट्रपति प्रणाली का पक्षधर रहा हूँ
(I fully endorse truly democratic presidential system).

Shri Babulal Marandi

Ex CM of Jharkhand & Member of Parliament

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“Parliamentary system has failed to deliver the goods. We must seriously consider the option to switch over to presidential form of government.”

Shri Kuldip Nayar

Journalist, Leading Columnist & EX MP

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“The sad spectacle of party members forming several permutations and combinations for ousting the party chief will be eliminated… It behooves us to give unto ourselves an executive which will be stable and not depend on the vagaries of groups and dissidents. Such an executive must derive its strength and authority from the people of the country and should not be removable except on the expiry of the term or by impeachment. The Presidential system offers the best solution.” (It may be mentioned that in 1965 Venkataraman had brought the resolution in AICC for Congress Working Committee (CWC) to examine the possibility of replacing the parliamentary system for a presidential system for the consequential changes in the Constitution of India).

Shri R. Venkataraman

Ex President of India and Member of the Constituent Assembly

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“If we don’t change the parliamentary system of government today, we will fall into an abyss. Presidential system suits best for the country.”

Shri Shanta Kumar

Ex CM, Himachal Pradesh

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“Case for Reviewing India’s Constitution has become Unassailable.”

Shri Subhash Kashyap

Ex Secretary General of Loksabha and Eminent Constitutional Expert

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“Things would improve if we change our system of governance from the parliamentary form to a presidential form. It will help us to tackle the ever-increasing rate of corruption in India.”

Shri Khushwant Singh

Author and Journalist

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“The President as head of the Government and Governors as Chief Executive of State Governments, be directly elected by the people.”
Recommendation made as head of Provincial Constitution Committee

Shri Vallabhbhai Patel

Ex Deputy PM of India

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“A Prime Minister elected by a small electorate may not be aware of the problems of a country as a whole. In a country of 700 million people if he is elected by the entire country then the person would have to concern himself or herself with every problem of every area, of every section of the people.”

Smt. Indira Gandhi

Ex Prime Minister of India

Ramkrishna Hegde

“Direct election of the President could project leaders who represent the entire country, unlike the Prime Minister representing just one constituency or enjoying the confidence of just a single party.”

Shri Ramkrishna Hegde

Ex. CM of Karnataka

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“Parliamentary democracy will be suited only if there are 2 parties. If there are more than 2 parties, this experiment will fail.”

N. V. Gadgil (Kakasaheb)

Member of Constituent Assembly & Union Cabinet Minister (1947-52)

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“If I had to make a choice again, I would vote for the presidential democracy.”

Shri K. M. Munshi

Speech given in 1964
Prominent Member of Constituent Assembly

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“The British pattern of parliamentary government is unsuitable for India.”

Shri Tej Bahadur Sapru

Leader of India’s Freedom movement 

“Presidential Democracy is the need of the Hour and to bring about the change, citizens have to come together and start the movement”

Shri P. N. Bhagwati

Ex Chief Justice of India

Any politician with spirations to rule India as president will have to win the support of people beyond his home turf … in that may lie the presidential system’s ultimate vindication.

Shashi Tharoor

An Author and former Minister of State for HRD and External Affairs in Central Govt. 

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“There is a need to look into the process of direct elections for Chief Executive at the Centre and States opting for Constitutional change ushering a regime of direct accountability to the person elected for the administration of the country, this House urges upon the Government to make provisions in the Constitution of India for ensuring separation of Executive from Legislature and that the elected representatives of a majority party do not hold executive or ministerial positions. There is an urgent need to look into the existing parliamentary form of government vis-a- vis its achievements in the last 63 years. And there is also need to relook the democratic process and consider delinking the executive from elected political representatives, both in the States and at the Centre.” (In May, 2013 Shri Rudy had brought the resolution in Rajyasabha for a changeover to presidential system with separation of powers between the Executive and Legislature).

Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy

General Secretary BJP, MP & Ex Union Minister

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“Question is will British model produce a stable government in India? The chances are very slender. In view of the clashes of castes and creeds there is bound to be a plethora of parties and groups in the Legislatures in India. If this happens it is possible, nay certain, that under the system of Parliamentary executive like the one that prevails in England under which the executive is bound to resign upon an adverse vote in the legislature, India may suffer from instability of the executive. The British type of Executive entirely unsuited to India. The American form of Executive is an equally good type of democratic and responsible form of Government.”

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

This was prior to his being appointed Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution September, 1946

“Constitutions, as a Government panacea, have come and gone; but it can be said of the American Constitution… that the stream of time which has washed away the dissoluble fabric of many other paper Constitutions, has left almost untouched its adamantine strength. What other form of Government has better stood the test of time? My prayer is that the Constitution that you are going to plan may similarly be reared for immortality.”

Dr. Sachidanand Sinha

The speech delivered on 9th December, 1946, as the temporary chairman of the Constituent Assembly.

“In many cases I think the presidential democracy is superior and much better suited to India.”

K. Santhanam

Member, India’s Constituent Assembly

“I endorse the Presidential system for stability as stability of the Government is the ‘first need of the Nation today’…. Ministers are so much engaged in cajoling, in satisfying the Parliament that there is hardly time to look after its administration”

Mehboob Ali

Member of the Constituent Assembly

“The Parliamentary system will develop surely into a party system of government … and will create hell in this country.”

Shri Ramanarayan Singh

Member, India’s Constituent Assembly

“The Chief Executive or the Head of the Union of India or in any component part thereof shall be elected by the votes of all the adult citizens of India.”

Shri K. T. Shah

Member, Constituent Assembly